Cage Sizing

Note that for long term wear, we suggest the sizes recommended by the sizing guides on our product pages.  Proper sizing is important to have extra space for adjustment and cleaning.  Downsizing will make this more difficult or impossible.

Cage Size A (Length)  B (Entrance diameter)
X-Small 45mm 37mm
SS 65mm 37mm
Small 70mm 37mm
Medium 80mm 37mm
Large 93mm 37mm


Ring Sizing

Our ring sizes are measured in mm of internal diameter.  Ring sizing is very difficult from measurement alone.  The most reliable way to get a working ring size is trial and error.  In general, 42.5mm and 55mm are very small and very large respectively.  If you haven't had any previous cages, we recommend starting with a 47.5 ring, and adjusting from there, or buying multiple rings (45, 47.5, 50) to figure out the best fit.

Ring gap is the distance between the cage and the ring.

 Ring Size Ring Gap
42.5 8.5mm
47 9.5mm
50 11.5mm
52.5 13mm
55 14mm