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Comfyne C1 (Pink)

Comfyne C1 (Pink)

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The C1 cage is designed for people who prefer a more comfortable chastity experience, and who have problems with pinching or chafing.  The revolutionary design keeps fabric away, to prevent discomfort.  While it was designed specifically with foreskins in mind, it can definitely be used, and can provide the same benefits for those who've been circumcised.

Use the table below to find our recommended sizing.  For the uncircumcised: retract your foreskin before measuring.

Uncircumcised measurements
Circumcised measurements
XS 3 - 6 cm 4 - 7 cm
Small 7 - 9 cm  8 - 10 cm
Medium 9 - 11 cm 10 - 12 cm
Large 11 - 13 cm 12 - 14 cm


All our cages are made to order in Canada.  Each cage will have minor color variations due to our production process.  Cages ship with a lock and two keys.

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